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4 board games that you will enjoy playing with Friends

If you have not discovered board games recently, you are missing out a real treat. Several board games can be played by two individual while an infinite number of player can play other. Yes, really! Some can be performed by a large crowd during parties while other can fit family night game. But do you know which game best suit you or stimulate your excitement? Follow this conversation to find out.


In this game, you and your three colleague contest to design and craft generally stunning blemished glass windows. The underlying mechanism why Sagrada is among the best is its simplicity to play. In every round, each player picks 6- sided dies that are multicolored and rolls them. Then, in turns, each player draft and place the dies on a 4×5 grid, making sure to follow the procedure of setting them; dice with the same number or color cannot touch. The player must take precaution as the window raise since they can disable.

The good thing about Sagrada is that one person can also play it; a trend that is increasingly becoming popular among those who design board games.


Anachrony principle is amusingly mind-blowing. The basis of Anachrony is a disastrous meteor that is about to destroy civilization. So, among your three friends, you are competing to form a stable community that can withstand the effect that will be brought by the meteor. These are done by precariously borrowing tools and material, including from the meteor itself.

It’s a fantastic worker-placement game where you are forming cronies and giving them limited roles. It involves stuffing up your cronies and instructing them to fetch water, construction material, and mineral, construct large structures, and came up with emerging technologies.

Each round, a player can be rented up to two resources of a different variety. However, doing so makes the material of space-time develop a hole. To fill them and adjust the time loop, you have to come up with time travel, use and return the resource to your past self or die.

Captain Sonar

With a playing time of between 45 to 60 minutes, Captain Sonar can be played by four teams of two individual each. Filled with joy, two submarines battle to the death while evading drones and coal mines. You can either be a radio operator, captain or engineer, and you should have a plastic sheet which is clear, a map and felt marker. The game will end when one of the captain fires to demolish the submarine of the opponent. You may start again to revenge!


Playing board games is a great way to bond with family and friends. It also helps exercising the brain, and teaching participant who to complete and collaborate. But most important is having fun.